Go Live Theater brings fantastic performances to a location near you. We GO where you are and we bring you the excitement that you get only from a “live” performance.  

The future seems to be getting smaller and contained on a tiny screen held in our hands. The sheer electric joy of a live performance is that the audience is an integral part of the show. The audience’s energy feeds the performers and elevates the performance to a higher high. You can’t get that on a big or small screen anywhere!

“Go-Live” Theater’s passion is to develop the audience of the future by making a trip to the theatre accessible to everyone and every budget. Our ticket prices are a great value and we strive to make it affordable so more people can attend theatre.

Most community theaters expect their actors to work for free. At “Go-Live” Theater, we believe quality actors, quality performances, fair ticket prices, and paid actors are all possible…..in the same show! When you buy a ticket and come for a great night out, you can also be proud to know that you are supporting local actors.

“Go-Live” Theater was started by Kandyce Hughes because she wanted to see the amazingly talented actors she knows in the valley be able to do more shows and get paid. She also wanted to see theater prices be more affordable and the medium become a more accessible choice for entertainment.

Types of Performances:

  • Family friendly, geared toward young audiences and their parents
  • Golden Years, geared toward active seniors
  • Hip new original works
  • Classic theater favorites
  • Musicals
  • Musical cabarets
  • Dance/arts integration
  • Sketch comedy
  • Mystery dinner theatre


We bring the show to your location or a location near you. We hire experienced local actors to entertain you. We are affordable…enough to bring your whole family or whole group of friends. Yes we are available for fundraisers.


Power Ranch Community Association